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Larger lots require larger herds, which typically take three to five days to clear one acre. Saddle. 2. About us. We visit our team routinely to perform health checks, provide water, minerals, and to check the condition of the netting. Goats R Us is a family owned and operated grazing company. Affiliates help Goats On The Go® extend our service to more people in a responsible and cost-effective way. There are many benefits by renting goats for brush clearing compared to traditional methods. Goats can be used to replace or significantly reduce the amount of herbicide necessary to manage vegetation. The coyote will be shocked and will decide it's too much of a challenge, and will just leave. Our goats have driven through Beverly Hills, across the Golden Gate Bridge, cruised down Highway 1, and have toured all across the state! If you have questions or special requests, just send us a message. After a session of intense grazing, you'll have a clean slate to start your next project. Our roadsides, fields, shores, woodlands, and backyards are becoming overrun with invasive species and other unwanted vegetation. After we'll bring the goats out to your property, and we set them up within electric fencing. From the Sierra Nevada Mountains, across the Central Valley farmlands, and along the 900 miles of beautiful Pacific Coast. But they tend to get bored and don't get out to stretch their goaty legs. The goats do stay overnight, and sometimes they tend to eat more at night. $25; Grooming brush. RVA Goats and Honey is a small local farm located by Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield, Virginia. You'll discover that not only do goats provide an environmentally beneficial job at converting unwanted weeds into healthy soil, they also amuse communities by displaying their unique brand of "agri-tainment". Barnyard Weed Warriors is a rent-a-goat herd grazing service that provides weed & fire control for your property. You get the job done without noisy machinery. We have had goats on a job for as short as 1 day and as long as a couple of months...It all depends on the client's personal needs and situation. Email us for a "Free"Estimate www.RentGoats.gmail.com. One stray coyote against a larger number of goats is not a threat, especially with the fence. The male goats will band together and stomp the fence as if they are a row of linebackers. Small trees may be debarked. Because our earth deserves better and safer ways to manage vegetation. We started renting goats for hire in 2003. Machines often can't get to the problem areas. Home Service Area Before & After More Photos In The News Our Dogs Enter. Renting goats for clearing is less expensive and less damaging to the landscape. Rent a goat!!! Steady maintenance  will be needed. When you rent a herd of goats to clear land you don't need to dispose of the debris. Per Goat Rental. A temporary fence is installed around the area of land to be cleared. CLICK ON LINK AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE! January 5, 2016 at 7:59 pm . Billy Goat. Goat Rentals. Our farm family also includes over 70 goats and sheep which are available to rent for brush and weed management. We recently worked with The Athenian School in Danville to clear their fields and were featured by SSC! They have no schedule. Goats for Rent. Open fields and  backyards can become overgrown which creates a loss of habitat for wildlife and birds, and can negatively affect the enjoyment of our outdoor spaces. Homeowners must provide water, keep the tethers untangled and move the goats to new grazing areas every few days. Orange Screw™ with sleeve. Panniers, set of two, with rainfly. Stop the spread of brush, unwanted vegetation, and wildfires. We provide communities with environmentally friendly vegetation management as well as public education about alternatives to traditional abatement techniques. Rent A Goat helps businesses and homeowners landscape their properties in a safe and eco-friendly way, at a competitive price, by clearing their land with goats! Call or email us to learn more about our services. I’m pretty sure mine would be too but the HOA would have a collective heart attack. Water bowl 2.5 qt. That's right, you can rent your own goat herd for brush clearing! $5; 0-50 lbs hand held weighing scale. Goats On The Go® and its affiliates throughout the U.S. use goats to control nuisance and invasive vegetation on customers’ properties. $1050 ea. Rent A Goat Terms & Conditions Rent A Goat - Texas (469) 300-5756  Rent a Goat for Land Clearing. The goats are trained to respect the netting and stay inside of it. Erin Spain says. 1 Fill out our inquiry form. Rent-A-Ruminant Franchise is an international company and the first and only goat rental franchise to date in the world. The Process; Picture Tour; Video Tour; Invasive Buckthorn; About Us; Contact Us; Xmas Trees; Media; Powered by Tempera & WordPress. We prefer to do jobs that require at least 100 goats. Goats thrive on poison ivy, poison oak, Kudzu, blackberries, nasty vines, and briers. Goats can eat a wide range of nuisance vegetation and they love Poison Ivy. Go Goats. There is no time limit, the goats stay as long as they're needed to get the job done. $5; Roll on bug Repellent. Please explore this site to learn more. SSC, Services for Schools, is a national organization that provides custodial and operational services to campuses across the country. It makes me wish I had a bunch of ivy in my yard. Click Here for Goat Grazing Informational Videos. Goat rental adds another tool to your toolbox to help you manage the vegetation on your property. 1 tablespoon liquid detergent or soap (we use and recommend Dawn). NO SILVER BULLET: Wouldn’t that be nice? Go Green. We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. Brush and Weed Abatement in Northern California. Rent goats for consuming thick vegetation on your property or for entertainment. Managed annual grazing can be an effective way to minimize poison ivy, kudzu, and invasive seed-bearing weeds while promoting the health of native species. Submit. The goats are trained to respect the netting and stay inside of it. Copyright © 2018 Central Mass Goat Rental - All Rights Reserved. A fun, efficient, chemical free way to clear unwanted brush, weeds, plants, etc. Create a free website. RentAGoat™ proudly provides brush clearing for all of California. Powered by . Where do you get the goats from? Contact Us. Most often they remain on the jobsite until the project is completed. Thank you for visiting us. After a week, repeat and spray on any survivors. We are a completely chemical free business, and we use an all natural process to transform your property into its best condition and cause no damage to the environment. The best time to do this is during a dry spell, and do not spray on plants you wish to keep. A safe Eco friendly alternative. After renting a small bedroom in an NYC apartment, I decided to move to Texas and buy a ranch to get some extra living space. If left alone, invasive plants can strangle valuable trees threatening important diversity. We come out and look at your site and give you a free estimate on how what the job will cost. Since 2012, The Goat Squad's Mission has been to offer vegetation removal, educate people about native plants, and introduce our heard of useful and friendly goats. Goatworx LLC provides an earth friendly alternative to machine powered mowers and chemical plant killers. We were featured in SSC! From kudzu to honeysuckle, poison ivy to out-of-control privet hedges, Goat Busters can be your answer to control and eradication. SERVICES. Goat Rental. 65 were here. Typically what will be left over is some brush, sticks and stems. Goat Busters is quite simply the most environmentally sensitive method to clear land or control invasive species vegetation ever, short of going out and hand-pulling each and every little weed. Hiking with goats is a great way to get out and exercise with a Goat Buddy. 1 (408) 963-0399 . Reply. If you message us your address and a rough measurement of the area you want serviced, we can send you a quick rough estimate to see if it's within your range. Renting a goat to clear land is a clean eco "Green" way of getting rid of weeds and clearing land. Tammy, her franchises, herding dogs, and the goats form a team who all pitch in to get your land cleared and ready for whatever project you have next and wherever franchise outlets are located. Thanks for submitting! $350 ea. Our main motive is making people happy and getting their desired job done at the same time. We are dedicated to caring for our communities, environment and goats, of course! You can also save a lot money when compared to other land clearing solutions on the market. We agree to a price for the job, and once a price is agreed upon, that is what we charge. Urban Backyard >>> Normal Backyard>>> < > $479. Why blast your brush with chemicals or wreck your equipment when you can rent goats to do it for you? If you are thinking about renting goats here is how we work.... 1. We look forward to working with you! To get a free estimate, please contact us at your convenience. Your subject area will be defoliated of all plants that the goats can/will consume. We all tend to lay low in the Winter months. Since we're based in Lunenburg, we service almost everywhere in Worcester county. If a predator were to approach them, it's all about numbers. The minimum cost of any job is $675 which covers 300 feet of fence. You can rent goats, cattle, sheep, horses or donkeys. If Poison Ivy is a concern for you, we have an all natural treatment to prevent excessive growth of Poison Ivy. $35 ea. Goats For Rent! And when we leave, we’ll remove all evidence that the goats were ever there—except, of course, for your now weed-free property (and a little bit of fertilizer). We strive to have every customer satisfied with our job. Now you can rent goats from HUH to help you clear your property of vitriolic vegetation.
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