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Awal was derived from the name of a god that used to be worshiped by the inhabitants of the islands before the advent of Islam. Contextual translation of "persian gulf meaning tagalog" into English. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. ... 600 of the troops were given extended deployments, meaning 900 … The body of water is an extension of the Indian Ocean (Gulf of Oman) through the Strait of Hormuz and lies between Iran to the northeast and the Arabian Peninsula to the southwest. Meaning of Gulf. The Persian Gulf is home to over 700 species of fish, most of which are native. Today, many major cities of the Middle East are located in this region. [52], Overall, the wild life of the Persian Gulf is endangered from both global factors, and regional, local negligence. [2][3][4] Arab governments refer to it as the "Arabian Gulf" (Arabic: اَلْخَلِيْجُ ٱلْعَرَبِيُّ‎, romanized: Al-Khalīj al-ˁArabī) or "The Gulf". Another study revealed the following numbers for water exchanges for the Persian Gulf: evaporation = –1.84 m (6.0 ft)/year, precipitation = 0.08 m (0.26 ft)/year, inflow from the Strait = 33.66 m (110.4 ft)/year, outflow from the Strait = -32.11 m (105.3 ft)/year, and the balance is 0 m (0 ft)/year. A great example of this symbiosis are the mangroves in the Persian gulf, which require tidal flow and a combination of fresh and salt water for growth, and act as nurseries for many crabs, small fish, and insects; these fish and insects are the source of food for many of the marine birds that feed on them. Its length is some 615 miles (990 km), and… Occasional ancient battles took place along the Persian Gulf coastlines, between the Sassanid Persian empire and the Lakhmid Kingdom, the most prominent of which was the invasion led by Shapur II against the Lakhmids, leading to Lakhmids' defeat, and advancement into Arabia, along the southern shore lines. One of the sons of Cush ( … Meaning of persian gulf war. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2015-01-19 ... Gulf of Oman or Sea of Oman is a strait that connects the Arabian Sea with the Strait of Hormuz, which then runs to the Persian Gulf. Iran definition, a republic in SW Asia. Siraf, an ancient Sassanid port that was located on the northern shore of the Persian gulf, located in what is now the Iranian province of Bushehr, is an example of such commercial port. (ˈæbuː ˈdɑːbɪ ) noun. Persian Gulf, also referred to as the “Gulf of Basra”, “Arabian Gulf”, or “The Gulf” Persian Gulf naming dispute; Arab states of the Persian Gulf, countries of the Arabian Peninsula bordering the Persian Gulf, often referred to as “Arab Gulf states” Red Sea, historically known as Sinus Arabicus (lit. noun. Usage Frequency: 1 Gulf definition, a portion of an ocean or sea partly enclosed by land. On April 29, 1602, Shāh Abbās, the Persian emperor of the Safavid Persian Empire, expelled the Portuguese from Bahrain,[35] and that date is commemorated as National Persian Gulf day in Iran. [83][84][85] Nevertheless, coral reefs have been found along sections of coast of all countries in the Persian gulf. Qatar's winning bid for the 2022 World Cup was greeted enthusiastically in the Persian Gulf region as it was the first time a country in the Middle East had been selected to host the tournament. Usage Frequency: 1 Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-10-15 Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2021-01-08 ... (Telugu) ภาษาไทย (Thai) Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) Čeština (Czech) Persian Gulf: West Asia: Yemen: Aden: Gulf of Aden: West Asia: Yemen: Mukalla: Gulf of Aden: West Asia: Yemen: Hodeidah: Red Sea: Last edited on 23 December 2020, at 18:12. In 2002, the Persian Gulf nations of Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE produced about 25% of the world's oil, held nearly two-thirds of the world's crude oil reserves, and about 35% of the world's natural gas reserves. 'Gulf of Fars') is a mediterranean sea in Western Asia. Quality: Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: [76] Their simple grass diet is negatively affected by new developments along the Persian Gulf coastline, particularly the construction of artificial islands by Arab states and pollution from oil spills caused during the "Persian Gulf war" and various other natural and artificial causes. MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. The Ottoman Empire reasserted itself into Eastern Arabia in 1871. From among the writings of others in the same period, there is the inscription and engraving of Darius the Great, installed at junction of waters of Red Sea and the Nile river and the Rome river (current Mediterranean) which belongs to the 5th century BC where Darius the Great has named the Persian Gulf Water Channel: "Pars Sea" ("Persian Sea"). Also called "sea cows", for their grazing habits and mild manner resembling livestock, dugongs have a life expectancy similar to that of humans and they can grow up to 3 metres (9.8 feet) in length. [78], Real estate development in the Persian Gulf by the United Arab Emirates and Oman also raised concerns that habitats of species such as the hawksbill turtle, greater flamingo, and booted warbler may be destroyed. Earliest evidence of human presence on Persian Gulf islands dates back to Middle Paleolithic and consist of stone tools discovered at Qeshm Island. This is a constant tension-rising geopolitical factor which resulted in the Iraq-Iran War and the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein. Geographically the biggest island in the Persian Gulf is Qeshm island, belonging to Iran and located in the Strait of Hormuz. How to say Persian Gulf in English? The Persian Gulf (Persian: خلیج فارس‎, romanized: Xalij-e Fârs, lit. From 1763 until 1971, the British Empire maintained varying degrees of political control over some of the Persian Gulf states, including the United Arab Emirates (originally called the Trucial States)[43] and at various times Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar through the British Residency of the Persian Gulf. [28] During the 7th century the Sassanid Persian empire conquered the whole of the Persian Gulf, including southern and northern shores. [11] This difference is supplied by currents at the Strait of Hormuz. Most pollution is from ships; land generated pollution counts as the second most common source of pollution. 1. a Greek island in the SE Aegean Sea, about 16 km (10 miles) off the Turkish coast: the largest of the Dodecanese and the most easterly island in the Aegean. [83][84][85] This is primarily connected to the influx of major rivers, especially the Shatt al-Arab (Euphrates and Tigris), which carry large amounts of sediment (most reef-building corals require strong light) and causes relatively large variations in temperature and salinity (corals in general are poorly suited to large variations). Quality: Usage Frequency: 2 Learn more. Capital: Rhodes. We're part of Translated, so if you ever need professional translation services, then go checkout our main site, Usage Frequency: 1, Usage Frequency: 2. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2016-01-23 (2004). What does gulf of oman mean? Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-08-06 Its length is some 615 miles (990 km), and its width varies from a maximum of about 210 miles (340 km) to a minimum of 35 … [48][49][50], The Persian Gulf is home to many islands such as Bahrain, an Arab state. Concerns regarding the endangerment of the kalbaensis subspecies of the collared kingfishers were raised by conservationists due to real state development by the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Quality: Dugong mother and her offspring in shallow water, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins off the southern shore of Iran, around Hengam Island, Spinner dolphins leaping in the Persian gulf, Critically endangered Arabian humpback whales (being the most isolated, and the only resident population in the world) off Dhofar, Oman, This article is about the body of water. Considering the historical background of the name Persian Gulf, Sir Arnold Wilson mentions in a book published in 1928 that "no water channel has been so significant as the Persian Gulf to the geologists, archaeologists, geographers, merchants, politicians, excursionists, and scholars whether in past or in present. ... an island country in the Persian Gulf. Most of the rest of the world calls it the Persian Gulf but doesn't get as upset about it being called the Arabian Gulf as the Iranians do (they do have a very stong opinion about it). The sea has an area of about 93,000 square miles (241,000 square km). Quality: From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Usage Frequency: 1 The 2019–2021 Persian Gulf crisis is an intensification of military tensions between the Islamic Republic of Iran and their allies and the United States of America and their allies in the Persian Gulf region. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-10-12 DUBAI: An American nuclear-powered guided-missile submarine traversed the strategically vital waterway between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula on Monday, the U.S. Navy said, a rare announcement that comes amid rising tensions with Iran. Other significant islands in the Persian Gulf include Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Kish administered by Iran, Bubiyan administered by Kuwait, Tarout administered by Saudi Arabia, and Dalma administered by UAE. Many of the trading ports of the Persian empires were located in or around Persian Gulf. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2015-07-21 We use cookies to enhance your experience. [78] Environmental watchdogs in Arabia are few, and those that do advocate the wildlife are often silenced or ignored by developers of real estate many of whom have governmental connections. Iraq's egress to the Persian gulf is narrow and easily blockaded consisting of the marshy river delta of the Shatt al-Arab, which carries the waters of the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers, where the east bank is held by Iran. [78] Estimates from 2006 showed that only three viable nesting sites were available for this ancient bird, one located 80 miles (129 km) from Dubai, and two smaller sites in Oman. During the end of the fourth millennium BC, the southern part of the Persian Gulf was dominated by the Dilmun civilization. The waters are overall very shallow, with a maximum depth of 90 metres (295 feet) and an average depth of 50 metres (164 feet). Usage Frequency: 1 [38] The Ottomans were forced to withdraw from the area with the start of World War I and the need for troops in various other frontiers. [55][56] Whales were reduced even further by illegal mass hunts by the Soviet Union and Japan in the 1960s and 1970s. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-04-24 Last Update: 2020-05-15 Quality: [40] The Persian Gulf therefore became a critical maritime path through which the Allies transported equipment to Soviet Union against the Nazi invasion. Quality: Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-07-12 See more. [14][15] The oil-rich countries (excluding Iraq) that have a coastline on the Persian Gulf are referred to as the Persian Gulf States. The wildlife of the Persian Gulf is diverse, and entirely unique due to the Persian gulf's geographic distribution and its isolation from the international waters only breached by the narrow Strait of Hormuz. In World War II, the Western Allies used Iran as a conduit to transport military and industrial supply to the USSR, through a pathway known historically as the "Persian Corridor". [87][88] However, with the advent of artificial island development, most of their habitat is destroyed, or occupied by man-made structures. The Persian gulf's strategic location has made it an ideal place for human development over time. However, the current number of dugongs is dwindling and it is not clear how many are currently alive or what their reproductive trend is. The Persian Gulf was therefore opened to a flourishing commerce with the Portuguese, Dutch, French, Spanish and the British merchants, who were granted particular privileges. Reference: Anonymous. The shallow basin that now underlies the Persian Gulf was an extensive region of river valley and wetlands during the transition between the end of the Last Glacial Maximum and the start of the Holocene, which, according to University of Birmingham archaeologist Jeffrey Rose, served as an environmental refuge for early humans during periodic hyperarid climate oscillations, laying the foundations for the legend of Dilmun.[27]. The Persian Gulf (Persian: خلیج فارس ‎, romanized: Xalij-e Fârs, lit. [26] The world's oldest known civilization (Sumer) developed along the Persian Gulf and southern Mesopotamia. Britain utilized the Persian Gulf as the entry point for the supply chain in order to make use of the Trans-Iranian Railway. [78] Such real estate expansion could prove devastating to this subspecies. The body of water is historically and internationally known as the "Persian Gulf". PERSIAN GULF SABA STEEL is located in Tehran, Iran and is part of the Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing Industry. Eight nations have coasts along the Persian Gulf: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Meaning of persian gulf illness. Retrieved from the website: Pernetta, John. 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[86] Construction garbage such as tires, cement, and chemical by products have found their way to the Persian Gulf in recent years. Portuguese expansion into the Indian Ocean in the early 16th century following Vasco da Gama's voyages of exploration saw them battle the Ottomans up the coast of the Persian Gulf. [53], Along the mediterranean regions of the Arabian Sea, including the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Kutch, the Gulf of Suez, the Gulf of Aqaba, the Gulf of Aden, and the Gulf of Oman, dolphins and finless porpoises are the most common marine mammals in the waters, while larger whales and orcas are rarer today. also Arabian Gulf An arm of the Arabian Sea between the Arabian Peninsula and southwest Iran. [6], Exclusive economic zones in Persian Gulf:[9][10]. Abu Dhabi in British English. For a long time the most important settlement on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf was Gerrha. Quality: From corals, to dugongs, Persian Gulf is a diverse cradle for many species who depend on each other for survival. If I wanted to bring some examples, I might refer to the geographical districts in the Persian Gulf which are claimed by more than one states. Meaning of awal. [42] The campaign led to the signing of the General Maritime Treaty of 1820 between the British and the Sheikhs of what was then known as the 'Pirate Coast'. Various small islands also lie within the Persian Gulf, some of which are the subject of territorial disputes between the states of the region. Information and translations of persian gulf war in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. or Gulf′y, full of gulfs or whirlpools.—Gulf Stream, a great current of warm water flowing out of the Gulf of Mexico through the Strait of Florida, along the … Usage Frequency: 1 What does persian gulf war mean? The Persian Gulf has hosted some of the most magnificent marine fauna and flora, some of which are near extirpation or at serious environmental risk. Quality: Persian Gulf synonyms, Persian Gulf pronunciation, Persian Gulf translation, English dictionary definition of Persian Gulf. Aside from direct damage to the coral, the construction waste creates "traps" for marine life in which they are trapped and die. Officially it is the Persian Gulf. The Persian Gulf, along with the Silk Road, were important trade routes in the Sassanid empire.
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