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Some creatures can regenerate parts of themselves, such as a starfish growing a new arm or a lizard growing a new tail. contrast noun . Change your default dictionary to American English. 6. Learn more. VERB + CONTRAST make, offer, provide The fresh fruit provides a contrast to the rich chocolate pudding.. PREP. Stark definition, sheer, utter, downright, or complete: stark madness. The folly of youth stands in stark contrast to the wisdom of age. Stark contrast is a very common "set term", with 840,000 instances in Google Books. Antonyms for overridingly. In stark/marked/sharp contrast with/to definition is - very different from (something else). 1) Example clue 2.) stark definition: 1. empty, simple, or obvious, especially without decoration or anything that is not necessary: 2…. 1) Antonym 2) The words “in stark contrast to” 3) The word folly means foolishness. by ~ When you look at their new system, ours seems very old-fashioned by contrast. Synonyms for stark contrast - stark contrast, contrast, and others. This is the British English definition of contrast.View American English definition of contrast. Find more ways to say stark, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. ADJ. The expression “stands in contrast to” is well represented on the Google Ngram Viewer, but “falls in contrast” makes no showing at all. Synonyms for overridingly in Free Thesaurus. There's nothing logically or grammatically odd about a juxtaposition involving dissimilar elements. Definition and synonyms of contrast from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. On this page you will find all the synonyms for the word to stark contrast. 5. clear, marked, sharp, stark, startling, striking, strong There is a stark contrast between the lives of the rich and those of the poor.| complete, direct . Struggling world economy stands in contrast to U.S. Detroit tent city stands in stark contrast to resurgent downtown. See more. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Stark definition: Stark choices or statements are harsh and unpleasant . Another way to say Striking Contrast? In fact, juxtapositions usually do - if they didn't we wouldn't bother calling attention to them with such a long word. How to use in stark/marked/sharp contrast with/to in a sentence. Another word for stark. ‘The contrast between the two - and what this contrast says about the men in their lives - should be stark.’ ‘The contrast between the two men couldn't be more distinct.’ ‘Golf is generally considered a game for the upper classes, in contrast to fishing, which can be enjoyed by anybody with access to a rod and stream.’ 286 synonyms for Striking Contrast (other words and phrases for Striking Contrast). View the pronunciation for contrast.
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