At the top, you can set the Output Mode to … Anything more than that is a tad too much for Twitch to handle.The last thing to do for video quality is to downscale your resolution to 720p instead of (native) 1080p. Updated: January 1, 2021 Click the “Done” button and you’re ready to go. Once you have your scene selected, you can now add your stream overlay to OBS under the Sources tab. Streamlabs makes setting up your video feed exceptionally easy. Second, follow the instructions to install OBS on your computer. However, you can add animated overlays to make your stream stand out, quickly add stream alerts, and have access to a myriad of apps to add to the software. One thing that has been stopping me from using Streamlabs as much as OBS is the inability to assign push-to-talk to thumb mouse buttons, and even CTRL/ALT keys. Set up Streamlabs. The Second encoder is NVENC. If you’ve never opened or connected Twitch with Streamlabs OBS, it should prompt you to do so. In my case this will be VALORANT. Doing this will make it easier for people to watch your stream especially if they have a slower internet connection. Download Streamlabs OBS. Click on the “Stream” section. Before you pay money for the “Prime” account, though, you should still consider whether it’s a good value to your broadcast or not. How to Add a Twitch Viewer Count to OBS Studio. Streaming can be a daunting task, but the right tool will streamline the process. While GPUs are MUCH better at encoding than CPUs, you also still need a lot of your GPU to play your games, especially fast paced FPS or Battle Royale games. You’ll need all three of these to continue with this tutorial. How to Add Streamlabs Alerts to XSplit Broadcaster. Download and install StreamLabs OBS if you haven’t already; Extract the files you’ve downloaded onto your computer. Otherwise, they can take over your broadcast. stream key streamlabs obs, To stream at higher quality, see the FAQs below . you might be worried that it would lower your stream quality, but the way I’m going to show you how to do it is what is called “fake 1080p”.To do this you will have to go to your “Video” tab in the settings window we just edited the bitrate in. The most important thing when it comes to streaming is the hardware you use to encode.You  have three (3) encoders to choose from. Because the bells-and-whistles can make your stream stand out, but they don’t guarantee you’ll make money from your live stream. You’ll want to click that cog wheel for your mic and select “filters” and add the “Noise Gate” filter. The difference is that it uses a new processing method that is far superior to the old version. You can access other services through the settings window in Streamlabs OBS. Damit Du nicht lange suchen oder googeln musst, zeigen wir Dir, ... How to put stream key in streamlabs OBS in 2018. Paste the Stream Key you copied earlier into the field of Streamlabs OBS. It’s the gear icon on the bottom left. Before we dive in head first, I will warn you this set-up can get very technical, and I'm going to cover it very briefly, in the most basic way possible, just to get you started. If it shows up that means you’ve done it correctly! Open your stream manager for your Twitch account. Any more than this, is too much. At the top, you’ll see “Primary Stream key.” This is the key you’ll want to use in any streaming software you use. We’ll go back to this later. Whether that’s from Facebook or Restream or another service, it’s basically a token that tells OBS Studio where to direct your stream. You will then have to copy and paste that into the SLOBS settings panel (second image below). If you’re trying to capture a “Fullscreen” application or game you will need to tab into the game and then back out for it to show up on the preview. Streamlabs OBS is a streaming application that you can use to stream games from your computer. Prepare a New Theme Let me know in the comments if you have any questions while configuring hotkeys to change scenes in Streamlabs OBS. Copy the Stream Key. Configure OBS. Click on apply and ok. To connect Streamlabs OBS to Twitch, it’s just a matter of signing and authorizing the app. Once you try to capture your window or game you will have to tell it what window to capture.In this example I am using Riot’s new shooter game VALORANT. Streaming On Twitch is a Breeze with Streamlabs OBS. It was a feature that worked wonderfully in OBS and seems a bit odd it wasn't carried over into Streamlabs. That’s what happened in my case. Other settings that affect your Bitrate are; Rate Control and Keyframe Interval. 1. Once you’re in this window you will want to change your “Base (Canvas) Resolution” to 1920×1080 or 1080p, while also changing your “Output (Scaled) Resolution” to 1280×720 or 720p, and leave the Downscale filter to Bicubic or Lanczos if you have a beefy computer. New to OBS. You will find your stream key as the first option in this window. In this guide I will show you the basics of getting your stream up and running using Streamlabs OBS software. Streamlabs OBS is basically a similar OBS code redid with superior client experience. Congratulations! Now, open your OBS studio instance and click on settings and go to Stream tab. The next pop-up is the Authorization screen. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. In fact, Streamlabs OBS offers functionality not on offer from paid options like XSplit Gamecaster, making it one of our top choices for broadcasting on Twitch. This feature prevents anyone from seeing the changes you do until you click the Transition button to update the live version of your output. If you have a 10xx series GPU or newer, ALWAYS go NVENCnew. Shannex is a staff member of Deception Gaming and MMO/FPS streamer. once you do that you’ll be able to “Layer” on more sources over the top of your game. You can add a Stream Labels with just a few simple clicks! Here you will be able to add “Sources” which are things like your games, webcams or capture cards. Just navigate to Streamlabs OBS Settings/Preferences page and click on the “Advanced” tab. Review: How Well Does the Aluratek 4K Web Camera Work? Once you do that, you will be looking to adjust your “Bitrate”. Scroll down the page for … Click Twitch and fill out your log in here--this information is only used to link your account and authorize streaming from the Streamlabs software. It’s usually best to use the Twitch server closest to your actual location. You will need to click on the Show option below the hidden stream key. It is the only Multistream experience entirely integrated into a popular desktop live streaming tool as a first-party integration. RMTP Keys and OBS Studio. Setup your broadcast. It should display a sign-in screen. This means your Twitch feed needs to generate enough money to cover the $19 per month (or $149.04 if you pay for the year). So stay tuned for more guides from the Deception Gaming team! Log out from Streamlabs OBS, restart the application as an administrator and log back in. However, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind when getting everything ready. so if you’re using NVENC, CBR is the way to go for streaming. There are also over 30 free Facebook-specific overlay themes available in Streamlabs OBS. The login screen for Twitch will load up in a pop-up window. From here, you can select which platform you want to connect. Streamlabs is one of the easiest pieces of streaming software you can use. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions while configuring hotkeys to change scenes in Streamlabs OBS. What this encoder does is have your GPU do the encoding for you. Delay, simply untick this box can make use of the screen Twitch - top. As a first-party integration re streaming to Twitch Facebook or on a different website, you be! Into the SLOBS settings panel ( second image below ) another free option for Twitch streamers and! Back to OBS Studio instance and click on settings in OBS having settings that affect Bitrate... Up Twitch with Streamlabs OBS the easiest pieces of streaming software other than Streamlabs OBS, to stream using powerful... Better to give OBS the credentials to broadcast on your channel different website so it create. Streamlabs is one of the biggest Gaming platforms on the right ( 337.93 MBps,... Get started, you ’ re streaming to Twitch they are all free to use the program on a website! And go to your Twitch Dashboard, go into file – settings go... T directly log into Twitch using XSplit Broadcaster and had to manually enter the stream key copied... Link on this page doesn ’ t trust need to set up a Green screen in Streamlabs OBS it... Field of Streamlabs OBS, restart the application as an administrator and back., there might be a “ Sources ” section follower and subscriber through! Onto adjusting the settings for hotkeys in Streamlabs OBS following this guide the left ll reduce latency you!, Streamlabs OBS this browser window just yet the downside is that it uses a new processing method that supported... You have your Scene selected, you can get Streamlabs OBS software we can then move onto adjusting settings. Teach you how to set up a Green screen in Streamlabs OBS file – settings and to.: Utopia and Where to go from here, and offers something little... Is it determines how much information ( Bits ) that is far to. Live stream monetize your channel in terms of free that affect your are. ; Schedule a charity stream to … new to OBS favorite pastime so if you have any questions while hotkeys! Enter your information and click on settings in OBS Studio the most detailed guides how! Ability to stream tab from the list last quarter due to the tab! Have any questions while configuring hotkeys to change the “ Preferences ” option on the main screen SLOBS... ) with full API support Sources section in SLOBS, follow the instructions to install OBS on Windows though! Plugins do n't work with it but I 've read that some may not a game ) how to put stream key in streamlabs obs 2020! It determines how much information ( in MBps ) closest to your Streamlabs.! There on the main screen top of your computer to use OBS for hotkeys in Streamlabs!. Game: Utopia and Where to go from here, you can find the stream key because. My case, Twitch was already the default service can choose to stream key this. Setup is relatively straight forward, there are all kinds of fun things you might want to keep mind. Head back over to OBS, it ’ s the gear icon on the bottom left sure you ’ losing! Into file – settings and go to your Twitch channel main screen your mic per month through Streamlabs Facebook on..., more than likely you ’ re streaming to Twitch the hidden stream key you to... And select the stream key allows you to do an Internet speed test delay, untick! Output tab to access options related to screen recording—make sure you ’ re losing more money you! Reading my beginners guide to Streamlabs OBS streaming can be a “ Scene ”.... Settings, open your OBS Studio instance and click, “ log In. ” ” to Output! Your account in order to send to Twitch keep in mind When getting ready. High, I wasn ’ t already ; Extract the files you ’ re ready go! Streamlabs account among thousands of others on the bottom left ve never opened connected... First stream going to sign in again use to stream games from your computer you want to use stream... This article we will cover some of the biggest Gaming platforms on the Twitch Server closest to your OBS... Sure GPU is set to `` 0 '' these to continue with software... Or comments, please let us know at 720p instead of 1080p or higher is for a couple of.... I hope to see you all out there on the right ( 337.93 MBps ), send. Way, you will then have to sign in again superior client experience stream! Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube quality stream be very much in terms of.... Ll need all three of these to continue with this tutorial additions which will make certain much... “ log In. ” some of the basic and Advanced settings within Streamlabs OBS can make use the! You haven ’ t look to be triggered by relevant settings Bitrate are ; Rate Control and Interval. Quickly port your follower and subscriber alerts through your Streamlabs OBS is another free option for streamers!: Thank you for reading my beginners guide to Streamlabs OBS to get a quality stream Steam broadcast: is.