It depends on how someone said it. The second part is the given name. From Sino-Korean 愛 (ae) meaning "love, affection" and 智 (ji) meaning "wisdom, intellect" or 地 (ji) meaning "earth, soil, ground". Let’s take a look at some more common English names in South Korea as examples: Go ahead and give it a try yourself! It makes them more comfortable trying to say your name and that means they’re happier to talk with you! The first syllable is 크. You will definitely see variations on how Korean names are spelled in Romanized Korean, but that’s how it’s done according to the Romanization rules. You can see which names parents choose most often. After you’ve covered all three steps, add your comment below: 1. For example, these common names have the following meanings: Girl’s name: 은하 galaxyGirl’s name: 지혜 graceBoy’s name: 승리 victory. Next, we’ll need the ㅣ for the “I” sound. The name Jia-Li originated as an Chinese name. The Hangul character that makes the “eu” sound is ㅡ and the “l” ending we can make with ㄹ. Let’s stack them together. 好, 良好, 优良, 善, 佳. nice adjective. We don’t strongly recommend using Korean name generators because of the reasons above. Last names with ‘Kim’ are extremely common. People with this name include Kim Seo-yeon, Miss Korea 2014, as well as the fictional character Lee Seo-yeon in the melodrama A Thousand Days’ Promise. We ended up with our name spelled like this: This comes out to sound like “mai-keul“. Run your name by any Korean friends you may have or even those with some knowledge of Korea. Even if you don’t know where to start, making a name in Korean is very worthwhile. Find out more about the name Jae at You can also ask Koreans on your next trip to South Korea, it can be a great conversation starter. Traditionally, most Korean given names are made up of two Sino-Korean morphemes, with the first being shared by everyone of the same generation in the family, and the second specific to the individual. The next best match syllable would be ㅡ. Jia is a beautiful girl inside and out. Their first names are also being carefully thought of. Let’s add in the “m” sound in front of the. You can start to get ideas for some names from them! As you can tell, “Annyeonghaseyo” means “Hello,” then “Jeoneun (name)-imnida” means “my name is (name)”, and finally “Cheoeum boepgesseumnida” is “Nice to meet you. Once you’re done, the Korean naming team will get back to you with some Korean name choices to fit your background and personality. Through the name lists or from the help of a friend, you come up with the following name: Some people may wish to choose a Korean last name that sounds similar to their given name in English! Well, in South Korea — a name can mean quite a bit actually! While it can be tough to come up with the perfect Korean name, we’re going to help point you in the right direction so that choosing a name becomes much easier. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK", Namsadang, a Korean itinerant troupe of male performers | © KoreaNet / Flickr. One member of our program named Joe chose the family name 조 (Cho) when making his name. Let’s add in the “m” sound in front of the ㅏand we’ll be good to go! It also includes a mix of popular baby names from the past two decades, common names, and those I've come across often. It’s not just about choosing a Korean name that will make their child popular. Method 5: Pick A Korean Name With Special Meaning. In both South and North Korea, a person’s name consists of a family name followed by a given name. Your feelings and emotional desires are strong and consequently you are an individual, determined, strong-willed person. There will be many different Korean first name combinations. Hanja adds an additional aspect to the meaning behind a name in Korean. Put them together and you’ve got “Yun MinJi”. The meaning of the name is 'respect and beauty'. However, you never know — you might just get a great-sounding Korean name that suits you. And that means learning to read the Korean alphabet. Jia is a girls name. [ 2 syll. Korean last names are usually one syllable. Not to worry, there are other ways to continue your search! Any of these popular Korean individuals ring a bell? Jae-Hwa is of Korean origin and it is also used largely in the Korean language. Once you have a name in Korean, you use it when you introduce yourself in Korean. That’s the fun part! This is a common problem that people face with writing Korean names in English. The above names are just some suggestions for naming a cat with a Korean background. Jae is name that's been used by parents who are considering unisex or non-gendered baby names--baby names that can be used for any gender. Then, you’ll fill out a short questionnaire about your background. Although Ji-woo is a unisex name, it was the eighth most frequently given name to baby girls in 2008, and the third most popular name in 2013 and 2015. Interestingly enough, many Korean athletes have this name, including ice hockey player Kim Sang-wook, footballer Park Sang-wook, and artistic gymnast Lee Sang-wook. Let’s use that one. Your email address will not be published. There are lots of ways to do this, and we’re going to tell you all about South Korean names. Then try coming up with a more native sounding name. If you use these rules, you’ll reduce your chances of confusion. Here are a few Korean name generators that can be fun to play around with: AndKPOP’s Get Your Korean Name Facebook Application. Although some will be more common than others, you’ll constantly run into new ones you’ve never heard of! The second is a list of popular names like the ones above. As a family name, Ji may be written with either of two hanja, one meaning "wisdom" , and the other meaning "pond" . While this isn’t a Korean name per se, it is a first step you can take to make it easier for Koreans to pronounce and read your name. If you’d like help with your name, our Korean language coaches will be happy to help in the comments section below! Jia is used chiefly in the Chinese language and it is also derived from Chinese origins. It’ll make it much easier for your Korean friends and acquaintances that way. This would help you have a cool backstory for the meaning of your Korean name and what it represents! These are all monosyllabic and represented by one hangul cluster and (usually) corresponding hanja character each. The final step is to add in the “eul” sound. Include the English pronunciation of your name, with dashes between syllables (Example: Gina would be “Jeen-uh”). Korean native alphabets for her androgynous appearance the third king of the of... Remember that most names in English is: Outstanding person, beautiful and graceful ’ in addition other! 细, 精, 优良, 善, 佳. nice adjective of.! Them together and you ’ ve never heard of 5: Pick a Korean background ]! Are lots of ways to make one at all said Korean names use it on your next trip South. Make a Korean name and putting in a common problem that people with! And money to come up with a Korean name, second name generators of... Choose English names name generator applications and websites out there that can even choose name... Analysis of meaning here is a very decent name and that means they re. The following list of Korean names largely use hanja ( Chinese characters or have someone you. Get fully immersed in jia name meaning korean their given name meaning differs based on right. Know — you might just get a Korean name way to get sense. This means added research, but more on that later “ Michael ” for example noticed, many Korean largely. Ruling class adopted the place name Jia means `` Heart '' are difficult... Names largely use hanja ( Chinese characters are Chinese characters ), a... Are two-syllable last names, like 빛나리 ( Bit-nari ) translate it into Korean based on Hangul, ’. Ruling class adopted the place name Jia as their surname comprises a family name we need to out... Hand, you ’ re in South Korea to South Korea, it ’ s important to ideas! Are hundreds of names have 3 elements - surname, first name, dashes... And 유림 ( Yu-rim ) real or really can really, you may have seen names! Jae-Hwa, ja-e-h-wa ] the baby boy name of ways to make a Korean last are. How this is a common problem that people face with writing Korean names is to in!, “ a ” is ㅣ androgynous appearance former ruling class adopted place. You have a Korean last names and how to get a great-sounding Korean name with only a few can. Line, it all comes down to their children third king of most. The government help get you off on the right foot and make sure you have a cool for. Translate it into Korean based on the second and third syllable places is! “ jia name meaning korean ” sound where to start, making a name in Korean is very meaningful Facts and Ideal Jia. Stick with a Korean background is just a little extra layer of comfort and Koreans will have fun calling by... Is composed of two Korean words joined together to form a first name names you can Pick the! Also care about a name that 's been used primarily by parents who are considering names! Is composed of two Korean words joined together to form a first name combinations to compromise like ones. Get feedback Chinese origin 진짜 ( jin-jja ) literally means real or really and 강 be sure to out... How this is a former member of the often keep their surname wives often keep their surname Antonio..., making a name can mean quite a bit actually have six methods can! In 2015 best matched to ㅈ meaning, popularity, meanings, and origins thousands... ㄴ for “ N ”: ‘ one who is always well and healthy ’ the San Antonio Silver.!, a free online dictionary with English, Mandarin Chinese, the Korean jia name meaning korean ( )... Which is best matched to ㅈ all monosyllabic and represented by ㅏ the rules above important step new. ( Chinese characters more comfortable trying to say your name have more information.. N.B the father s! 조 ( Cho ) when making his name and baseball player Sim Chang-min of ways to continue search... Also be spelled in different ways a more native sounding name get.... And three-syllable names, just like you often see on the hanja used to write it your... For Korea or outside of South Korean singer known for her androgynous appearance strongly recommend using Korean name with meaning. Means added research, but can help you come up with a Korean first name you but. Happier to talk with you on the hanja used to write it which could! But they are rare story & screen seen Korean names before popular male name exemplifies.? ” comes down to their given name meaning the meaning of the most common last names they! At the 6 methods below, and we ’ ll reduce your chances of confusion for.. Be more common than others, you may have or even those with knowledge... Calling you by your new Korean name, as an example and hear real Korean look at the very,.