609,247 OT and 180,382 NT (first edition 179,011 NT) Nobody really knows the answer to this question, but the Bible Society estimates that since 1812, over 5 billion Bibles have been printed. Um, Jesus is a very common Hispanic name…. Jack the original old testament Hebrew and the new testament greek are the original languages of the BIBLE. One reason is keeping up with the discovery of new ancient manuscripts. It’s during these moments when you need the Bible the most. Reading the stories about Jesus helps us to love Him more. that makes a person Christ follower. Also there are 879 verses in the Gospel of John.There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament.922-879=50…so you can start at John 1vs 1 and it parallels all the way up to Malachi 4vs6 with John21 vs25.Now why is Genesis excluded because The Gospel of John was written to the church (and it’s all about who Jesus really is)…and if your in the church(the true church)we already know that Christ is the Creator.Also that’s why you read John…If you come away reading John and you don’t come to the conclusion that Christ is the Creator you missed the point of why John was written in the first place and John emphases this in the Book of John itself. Is God human? Every word is God’s Word! How can you hate someone that doesn’t exist? I’m Pistol Pete Marovich II We are a nation that accepts all religious freedom, whether that comes from the Bible, the Koran, or any other religious book. into modern vocabulary. The enemy wants us to argue over the details and differences in each others interpretation. In addition, your church has “infallibly” stated that “it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff,” and that otherwise, “not only pagans, but also Jews and heretics and schismatics cannot become participants in eternal life but will depart into everlasting fire.”, Vatican Two contradicted that, yet present RC teaching is that Protestant churches are unworthy of the proper name “church,” and thus are referred to as “ecclesial communities.”. And, in the Greek New Testament,in the protestant one ? There is a reason there is a separation between state and religion. Her words are found in the Gospel of John and are in the context of the “Wedding Feast at Cana.” Mary, ever attentive to the needs of others, notices that the wedding couple have run out of wine. If you can type at 60 words a minute, it would take you just over 217 and a half hours to retype the entire Bible. Two options are in the bible. As men, you can not into meaning of the words my Father wrote because you are fallible. How did you come to this conclusion? Now that has to mean something. The difference between his 2016 edition and your total sum is only 12 words. The number of words in the Greek New Testament are also provided in … He laid hands on me but I didn’t feel anything but my wife hit the floor and began to speak in toungues. Eisenhower added “Under God” to the pledge because he was super religious and wanted to separate the United States from the unholy image of the Nazis. As you study his word and pray God’s Holy Spirit will help you to understand what you are reading. The Lord says, “The time has come to change your wine skin, for I Am about to fill it with My New Wine of My Spirit!” 15 for he will be great in the sight of the Lord; he must drink no wine, no strong drink; even from his mother's womb he will be filled with the Holy Spirit,. From its fascinating history to the debates around biblical matters that rage today. 1Tim 4:10 For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe. in speaking of the word count in the book of john, i thought you might find this interesting. Seeing the Speck in your Brothers Eye, Matthew 7:3-5. 156624 divide 6192 = psalm 25. isaiah 25. May the blessing of God be upon you all. It is the only book that tells us where we came from and where we are going and how to get there. Your argument might hold weight if the number of words in each different language had the same number of words, but this is not the case. The Catholic Bible has an even higher word count because it has seven books more than the protestant Bible. Many Catholics the world over have been bombarded with questions about the Catholic faith by other religious groups and sects. Catholics Celebrate Palm Sunday as the Path of Peace, Four Reasons Catholic Gifts Are Profoundly Meaningful, The Top 4 Catholic Medals for Men and Women. All in all, the Bible has 1,189 chapters, but it was still quite difficult to get “on the same page” when studying the Bible. For Pete’s sake if you don’t believe in God then why are you commenting on this post? “In God We Trust” are the only words that matter in the Bible. IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE TIMELINE. Can you imagine how long type-setting must have taken in the early days of printing? but thats not right one bit, the Bible says “In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth.” see! Read the bible and quit arguing about it. Seems like a silly thing for your little God to do anyway. How does one actually go about counting the words in the Bible? Those are great questions! ONE ONLY HAS TO WHERE TO LOOK. HIGH Frequency Words = over 1,000 mentions: Word: Total # of Times: NIV: Comment: 1 NIV: 2 KJV: Old Test. These are the words of St. Isadore (560-636 AD) on what we gain when we pray and read the Catholic Bible regularly. Thank you, He also says to tell you that He is doing a new thing in you. There are 31,102 of them, and the shortest one is John 11:35 “Jesus wept,” while the longest is in the book of Esther and consists of 78 words. I thought the chinese are not christians. It would be alright to teach anything in school or any where else, if it cannot be proven wrong. Catholic Bibles also include sections in the Books of Esther and Daniel. Look at the Catholic bible…it has 7 more books than the KJV. Someday we just might be a devil’s government. From this time, Catholics prayed 15 sets of 10 consecutive "hail Marys" in a row (150 times), in the Rosary. Would you like to guess which country prints the most bibles? It’s a translation (someone’s interpretation of the words meaning in their own language) of the words of God that may or not be accurate since nobody knows what God really meant by those words. 86% of practicing Catholics view the Bible as sacred literature. A spirit maybe? So regardless how many words each version or translation has. People should know more about the Bible and how it pertains to their lives. Parables In The Bible Here is a list of many of the parables from the New Testament: You are the Salt of the Earth, Matthew 5:13. Pete: Do a cold case examination and you’ll find your idea of a non existent external force is unfounded and this contributes to your not believing in God. Be my Lord and Savior and put your Holy Spirit in me The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB) has become the most widely used Roman Catholic Bible outside of the United States. How did you come to this conclusion? Are you wondering why? He called my wife to be by my side and told me her name, yep I freaked out. As for the number of letter characters in the Bible, the total count is a staggering 3,116,480. There’s also the need to change certain words and idioms that are no longer in use, such as thou, beseech, hearest, etc. How about instead of spreading your prejudice and judgement, you spread compassion, peace and humanity. There will be a lot to look at that will change the number, but if you take one version of the bible it is quite possible to get an accurate word count for it. No, it doesn’t include the Apocrypha. There are, of course, only 10 commandments which Jesus neatly summed up into two really comprehensive ones, but if you count commands instead of commandments, you’d come up with a total of 6,468. You’re the one who hasn’t read the Bible. 4 Wisdom will never enter the soul of a wrong-doer, nor dwell in a body enslaved to sin;. I am not a Jehovah’s Witness, but it seems a curious omission in the context of the plethora of less important information. There are two types of translation styles: formal equivalent translation and dynamic equivalent. Only God. I just got a cast off my foot and couldn’t climb ladders for weeks so I lost money in painting. After twenty five years I can say that the God of Israel, the God of the holy bible is the one and only true God. Elect more demon-crats and liberals, and we will be that devil government and incur the wrath of the God of Heaven and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. starting with the first word in Genesis to the last word in Malachi a total of 602,582 add this to the number How many people named “Mark” or “John” do you know? Wrong. And all because somebody wrote an article about how many words there are in the Bible. The New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE) is an English-language, Catholic translation of the Bible, the first major update in 20 years to the New American Bible (NAB), which was translated by members of the Catholic Biblical Association and originally published in 1970. The things we consider good “morals” or good “values” come from the commandments in the bible. There are no extra books in the Bible, however Protestants have taken out seven books that were in it for 1500 years. I would have guessed that the Bible had over 1 million words. TO PROVE THIS, LETS PUT A DATE ON THE 79TH CHAPTER OF PSALMS, THE DATE 1343, THIS WAS THE DATE OF THE BLACK PLAGUE, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DIED, SO FAST THEY COULD NOT Have a blessed day! The word count remains constant in the original languages. There are many Catholic Bible’s available. Preacher after preacher learning, learning, learning. Martin Luther felt that seven of the books accepted as part of the Old Testament at the time were not quite up to scratch since the 90 AD Jewish Council of Jamnia had rejected them. Most people want the same thing the people of God wanted. Deeply grateful for the detailed information about the BIBLE. But, it is a capacity required us to be purified, empowered, revealed or reminded by the Holy Spirit, in order to be united in Him. You guys are fighting over the stupidest things ever. Better yet, do what is right and treat others as you would want to be treated. It’s called TRANSLATION. While we wonder off we are subject to attack and losses. She was bouncing all over the floor under the power of the holy spirit. Macro-evolution – the evolving of one species into a totally different species – has never been observed. These numbers aren’t the same. That way, the family can move forward with the light and the power of the Word of God!” These are the words of Pope Francis urging all followers of Christ to turn to Sacred Scripture. Released in 2011, the New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE) includes a newly revised translation of the entire Old Testament (including the Book of Psalms) along with the 1986 edition of the New Testament. One wouldn’t even be rounded off as 22, like is said in your comment, but I suppose sometimes facts need to be twisted to make a point, when the point you’re making isn’t factual. This innovation was brought about by a man named Stephen Langton, and it made finding your way around a lot easier. ), 25944 / 1151 = 22.5403996525 (rounded off as 23.). God bless you Dear servant of God thank you. Anyone who thinks that the words “In God We Trust” is written in the Bible has obviously never read the Bible. Only the bible of the Christians does that.